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Source Code Website SEO Friendly URL in PHP


Dynamic Website SEO Friendly URL is real source code website with full feature such as SEO friendly url, pagination, suggest search engine, reply comment, advertisement, responsive design, admin dashboard. This website use simple code easy to understand 

Live demo:

Fron-End:   https://www.metrixcode.com/live-demo-form-azx19ja8/macodelesson/



Profile Search

Threaded Comments



Cool Admin Dashboard Template


Delete/Restore Post

Cool Admin Features Manage Your site content, Users, Posts, Pages, Groups, Settings, and style Your website also from Our Full Managment Control Panel. 

Search Items

Edit Users

Manage Posts

Responsive Layout Design


Advanced WYSIWYG HTML Editor

SEO Friendly URL


  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript (Optional)
  • XAMPP (For Localhost)
  • Basics of PHP & MySQLi (Optional)
  • Notepad++ (As a text editor)
  • Chrome (As a Web Browser)


Run Website on localhost

The First thing that you need to do is to create an empty database called macodelesson
or whatever you like but you should call it macodelesson.
After that you just need to import the file macodelesson.sql into the database that
you have just created.

If you create a database called with a different name such as yourdatabasename
Note that: open config.php file and database/database.php file and enter
with a valid information, example: "localhost","root","","yourdatabasename"


Run Website on Web Hosting

Note that: open config.php file and take a look at
this line: $base_href="http://$_SERVER[SERVER_NAME]/macodelesson/";
just need to change this to $base_href="http://$_SERVER[SERVER_NAME]/";


Video Instruction

There are no video found !