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Metrixcode - E Commerce Website Selling Digital Product in PHP


Metrixcode - E Commerce Website Selling Digital Product in PHP and MySQLi is Website for selling digital products and download script with full feature such as search engine, drop down menu, user interface (UI), admin dashboard, Create & Edit & Delete & Displaying the Products & Categories & Brands, Shopping Cart, Data Driven Online Shopping Store, PayPal and Cybersource processors, responsive web design, User Registration & Login Systems, Checkout System, Credit Card Payment Method, PayPal and Cybersource processors, Paypal Payment - Accepting Multiple Items, Send Mail To Customer, The Details of Orders, Secure files download process, Blog area for posts and articles, Reviews support (rating and note) for products, Comments support for products, FAQ for website, Sign in with Facebook, Auto Submit Sitemap, Pages (create/delete/update), Categories and Subcategories for posts and articles, Products support, Powerful dashboard, Live preview for products, Multiple Vendor ...

--------------------------- Paypal Test Information --------------------------------

If you want to test paypal payment processing here is paypal sandbox account Email: [email protected] Password: metrixcode

--------------------------- ////////////////////////// ---------------------------------------


-------------------------  Credit Card Test Information -----------------------------

If you want to test credit card payment processing here is credit card  sandbox account

Name On Card: Tuan Tran

Card Number: 4111111111111111

Expired: 02/2022

Security Code: 123

------------------------- /////////////////// ------------------------------------------------


Responsive Website Layout.

Drop Down Navigation Bar.

Side Navigation Bar.

Search engine.

Cool Admin dashboard.

Create & Edit & Delete & Displaying the Products & Categories & Brands.

Shopping Cart.

Data Driven Online Shopping Store in PHP & MySQLi.

Multitple Quantity by Using Ajax PHP.

User Registration & Login Systems.

User Interface (UI).

Checkout System.

Credit Card Payment Method

PayPal and Cybersource processors

Paypal Payment - Accepting Multiple Items.

Send Mail To Customer.

The Details of Orders

Secure files download process

Blog area for posts and articles

Reviews support (rating and note) for products

Comments support for products

FAQ for website

Sign in with Facebook

Auto Submit Sitemap 

Pages (create/delete/update)

Categories and Subcategories for posts and articles

Products support

Powerful dashboard

Live preview for products

Multiple Vendor



HTML + CSS + JavaScript (Optional)

XAMPP (For Localhost) Basics of PHP & MySQLi (Optional)

Notepad++ (As a text editor)

Chrome (As a Web Browser)


  • Unzip the main file.
  • Open notepad file "instruction.txt" .

Video Instruction