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Full Source Code E-Commerce CMS in PHP and MySQL with Admin Panel


Full source code E-Commerce Website CMS in PHP and MySQL is source code website with full feature such as search engine, drop down menu, user interface (UI), admin dashboard, Create & Edit & Delete & Displaying the Products & Categories & Brands, Shopping Cart, Data Driven Online Shopping Store, paypal integration multiple items,
offline payment, responsive web design.

If you want to test paypal payment processing here is paypal sandbox account Email: [email protected] Password: metrixcode


Responsive Website Layout.

Drop Down Navigation Bar.

Side Navigation Bar.

Search engine.

Cool Admin dashboard.

Create & Edit & Delete & Displaying the Products & Categories & Brands.

Shopping Cart.

Data Driven Online Shopping Store in PHP & MySQLi.

Multitple Quantity by Using Ajax PHP.

User Registration & Login Systems.

User Interface (UI).

Checkout System.

Paypal Integration System.

Paypal Payment - Accepting Multiple Items.

Offline Payment Method.

Send Mail To Customer.

The Details of Orders.


HTML + CSS + JavaScript (Optional)

XAMPP (For Localhost) Basics of PHP & MySQLi (Optional)

Notepad++ (As a text editor)

Chrome (As a Web Browser)


  • Unzip the main file.
  • Open notepad file "instruction.txt" .

Video Instruction