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FAQ - Metrixcode

  • What is Metrixcode
    Metrixcode is an online Platform to make it easy for anyone to complete projects by connecting them with expert designers, developers.
  • How can we buy service
    User to select the service and need to check out to their private repository after completion of payments.
  • Will I get support for the packages or script after purchase?
    Buyer needs to discuss with provider on the support for future package releases and version.
  • How do I change my password
    If you know your current password, you can change it on the account menu and change password.
  • Can I get a Refund?
    Please refer our refund policy for more details.
  • How does trust work on Metrixcode?
    Metrixcode is a trusted community of hand-picked service providers. When you and your provider are ready to start work, you can get started by placing an order through a service page or proposing and ordering a custom job by making an enquiry. Orders should always be made directly through the Metrixcode website. By ordering through Metrixcode, you have the backing of a dedicated support team and a robust dispute resolution process for when things don’t go to plan. Trusted service providers on Metrixcode will never ask you to pay for work offsite. If you have any questions or feedback regarding your Metrixcode experience, you can contact our support team through our Contact Us form.
  • Can I talk to my provider offsite or process payments outside Metrixcode?
    We request that all communication be handled on the Studio platform using the built-in communication tools. This is for your protection if there ever is a dispute on one of your jobs. A dispute you raise may be difficult to resolve through the dispute resolution process if it involves services provided, or communications made, outside the site that we’re not able to account for. Please let Metrixcode Support know if your provider suggests this to you.
  • Welcome to Metrixcode
    A community of designers, developers and creatives who are ready to help you with your project. This FAQ is meant to help customers who are new to the Studio platform and are not quite certain where to begin. Metrixcode has different types of services and we want to make it as easy as possible for our new customers to connect with our creatives and freelancers.